Extreme Technology Disruption

The Big Wave Surfing Book is about extremes!

If you want to read the street fighter's guide to the technology business, you are at the right place. Technology disruption creates the opportunity for the application of extreme techniques to quickly build products and create high growth companies.


Big Waves are Unpredictable

The Big Wave Surfing Book is about managing unpredictable events!

Value is created when you can exploit rapid changes in the technology environment. You must be quick because the window of opportunity can close very quickly. Be quick and you will catch the latest big wave. Be slow and miss the wave. Be sloppy riding the face of the wave and you will wipe out.

Ten Reviews are on Amazon (Nine Five Star and One Four Star) as of the end of March 2013! A Sample of the reviews is provided below.

Irene Moore – I found this book a must-read. It provides terrific insight on how technology has and will continue to drive among other things our economy. Very well-written and easy to follow. Highly recommended.

Josh Cucinotta – A well written, easy to read book. Readers will pick up tips on anything from technology , to marketing and even investment strategies that are definitely out of the box but somehow seem suited for these complex times. Clearly the author is a seasoned speaker, businessman and educator who has taken his knowledge of the computer industry and invested that wisdom into this book. Everybody can profit from Thurber’s discussions on how technology equals disruption and how disruption equals opportunity if you know how to spot the “big waves”. I thoroughly enjoyed the ride. I would invite others to spot the ripples that are forming.

East Coast Reader – A well written, easy to read book that would be beneficial for anyone from the corporate CEO to the average reader. Readers can “surf” through each chapter and pick up tips on anything from where technology came from and where it’s going, to marketing insights and even investment strategies that work in a complex and tumultuous economy. As technolgy changes so fast, this book helps to make sense of it all and gives you great recommendations on how to keep ahead of the game. A highly recommended read!

Spotting Big Waves
Storms Create Disruption Disruption can take many forms: political, economic, legislative and technology. You want to think about the impacts of disruption on the possible future of products and systems. You need to develop unconventional scenarios that look at the possible effects of disruption. You need not be the person who causes disruption, but you can be the person who uses disruption to your advantage.
Riding Big Waves

Appropriate Tactics Avoid Wipe Outs

The main categories of players that can set out on the big wave are the lead developer (and the development team), the technical management, the marketing staff, and the investors supplying money to the product process. Each of these groups has a unique perspective. However, there are some lessons learned about how to achieve success within these various disciplines in fast growing companies. The lessons of how to achieve a fast growth rate and the sacrifices that growth may cause can be very painful.