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Do you have a brilliant idea that you just know could be really BIG?

Are you a creative thinker, marketer, innovator or investor who is ready to make a name for yourself?

Are you ready to catch the BIG WAVE of your career and ride it until you catch the next one?

If you answered Yes! Then you are ready for


The career-boosting new book by
Kenneth J. Thurber Ph.D!

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Ken will donate $1 of every sale on Tuesday 29 march 2011, to disaster relief for Japan.


“Ken’s book identifies how “big waves” get started and how you can make money and find jobs riding them.  It’s an easy read and he lets you know when to get off so you don’t lose money on crashing waves....”

--Tom von Kuster, Angel Investor and Partner American Export (AmEx)


The United States has evolved from an agricultural to a service economy. I developed the concept of “big wave surfing” as an analogy for ways to capitalize on the disruption that technology brings to the product marketplace. To maintain our standard of living, we must become the world’s innovation economy.

My book, Big Wave Surfing, provides you the insights necessary to survive in today’s technology economy.

In the book you will learn the 2 principles you need for success: Spotting Big Waves, and Riding Them.

This first half of my book is designed to empower entrepreneurs who want to get in on the game. It is set up to introduce you to the idea of how to see the trends in technology that will lead you to success as a developer, manager, marketer or investor. You’ve got to be able to spot the wave before you can ride it!

After having been on the inside now for many decades, what I understand is that big waves are as much about a new trend as they are about the people who ride it. In my book I share the valuable lessons I have gathered from my experience of putting together and working on teams, because in technology, you don’t generally ride a big wave by yourself. You need the skill set to recognize all the components of what makes a big wave, even the ones you don’t yet realize will impact your ability to ride the wave.

In the second half of my book I focus on the lessons and techniques you need to master to ride the big waves that technology has to offer. You will learn the 4 major disciplines that a technology big wave surfer needs to develop or employ. These chapters contain strategies and techniques that are highly unconventional – I like to call them “extreme techniques”. You’ll learn all about them in this last half of my book. Some of these techniques are key to how to think like a successful investor.

So maybe you are wondering… but how does this relate to my career?

Remember, when the government talks about job creation, the only real thing it can do is be supportive of the innovation environment. In a challenging economy where a month can seem like a lifetime, you cannot make a forty-year career plan unless you can constantly reinvent yourself because the whole technology environment is in a continual state of disruption.

In the technology world, demands and adaption of technology by users cause the big wave to form. If you can generate a huge user demand, you can create a massive product structure and rapid growth. Our probabilities of finding a big wave are highest when a new product forms a new industry.

Big Wave Surfing brings the issues of our technology driven economy to the average reader in an understandable form. It is designed to be read by every person from a corporate CFO to the individual trying to make an investment decision for their IRA. It will give you the insights that you need to succeed in our current economy!


A one-hour mentorship call with author Kenneth J. Thurber!
(a value of $1000)

But wait, there’s more!!
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An autographed copy of Big Wave Surfing! (5 available)

  • The Big Wave Alert newsletter
  • Big Wave Surfing Special Alerts – be the first to know when disruption occurs and big waves are forming  new opportunities
  • The White Papers – we start with four key reports – what to watch for, what the future holds in management, development, marketing and investing… telltale signs to watch and look out for in the innovation economy
  • You do not want to miss these reports because Ken will be coming out with his boldest prediction yet about the economy – the biggest wave is coming – and the signs that it’s coming – how to ride it, when to get off it.

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Ken will donate $1 of every sale on Tuesday 29 march 2011, to disaster relief for Japan.

And here is just SOME of the other valuable information you will uncover in Big Wave Surfing:

Preface page ix:  Small businesses are the engine of the innovation economy. Many of the Fortune 500 companies that are in the technology business today were launched in a recession or bear market. There are always technology opportunities available, regardless of the state of the economy.

Chapter 1 page 4:  In the past, big wave surfing has been a uniquely American technology experience. That may be changing. And if it’s changing, profound structural changes will occur in American society. A major part of our standard of living is based on having, conceiving, exploiting, and developing the best and most advanced technologies. The idea that Americans will be a manufacturing power house with our labor rates is simply an unrealistic dream.

Chapter 4 page 35:  Technology big waves get names such as Desktop Software, Internet Backbone, Heart Pacemakers, Database Software, and Long Distance Services. The results of riding these big waves are similar: massive creation of wealth and power grown right out of the big ocean of technology and ridden to the shores of consumer acceptance.

Chapter 5 page 71:  Once you have the design, it is important to move on to development and marketing. Sometimes you’ll encounter people who want to change the design. Once you commit, you can’t go back. Unless you discover a fatal error, you must move ahead as fast as possible.

Chapter 5 page 86:  Part of this cost reduction is due to volume considerations. If you can design a product that has true mass appeal, the cost will drop like a stone and the market will quickly expand. What at one time was huge volume is now commonplace due to computer games and other technology applications.

Chapter 6 page 115:  In the technology world, demands and adaption of technology by users cause the big wave to form. If you can generate a huge user demand, you can create a massive product structure and rapid growth.

Chapter 6 page 116:  Our probabilities of finding a big wave are higher when a new product forms a new industry.

Chapter 6 page 121:  The bigger issue is whether you can think completely out of the box. Is there a completely new product concept that can be developed? Are there entirely new product categories that we have not thought about? What if you took an existing product and tried to determine what that product would look like under a new set of technology assumptions?

Chapter 9 page 161:  To have the idea that your idea is truly unique and no one will ever come up with it is a nonstarter. You must get your concept out to the public market. You must build an articulate and pervasive case as to why your product is the winning concept.

Chapter 9 page 191:  In most examples of high-technology innovation, big companies are tiny in terms of innovation capabilities! Big companies are just not innovative because they have had their innovation driven out of them by processes that are designed to control risk. It is a very rare large company that is able to remain innovative as its gets larger.

Chapter 10 page 225:  The management team tends to be reactive in stressful situations. It may want to increase staff, bring in consultants, or fret about the way things should be in the development. But you can be assured that it will have extreme reactions to any setbacks and problems that are encountered.

Chapter 12 page 333:  But if we want to get up on that big wave and ride for our investment fortunes, we need to look at the specific asset class of stocks that would be owned by a big wave surfer and how you value these assets. This is the class of rapid growth stocks.

Chapter 12 page 349:  You can do all of the fundamental analysis you want, but the reality is that you have no reason to be at risk with your capital unless things are going your way.

Chapter 12 page 371:  …if you can build a substantial portfolio early in your life, your life may be a lot less stressful, more rewarding, and pleasurable. It is no surprise that a lot of people on Wall Street who are bringing down big bucks are young. If you adopt this strategy, you may need a stomach made of titanium to execute it, and the younger you are, the more you may be suited to stand the pressure and the risks associated with the strategy.

Order from your favorite online store:

Ken will donate $1 of every sale on Tuesday 29 march 2011, to disaster relief for Japan.


This in-depth guide to becoming a technology entrepreneur is thoughtfully organized. Each chapter has numerous brief vignettes to illustrate multifaceted ideas as well as a quick summary at the end of each chapter for a handy reference. Thurber also has a great ability to simplify intricate theories for those new to extreme technology and gives interesting examples from within the front lines of his background as a developer, manager, marketer, investor, and educator. His synopsis on the lion hunters, wounded rabbit killers, and assistant trainers that attended his seminars is eye-opening to would-be presenters. With the ease of a seasoned speaker and businessman, Thurber boils down dramatic yet complex business concepts for the not so faint of heart.”

-- Jenny Luper The US Review of Books

The book BIG WAVE SURFING summarizes very effectively the fast paced impact of technology changes on markets and businesses. It is very well done, current and interesting to read. Companies that are in the technology business will find the book helpful as they plan their strategies.”

-- Thomas Madison, President and CEO of MLM Partners (a business, consulting and investment group), Lead Director Digital River, (Formerly) Chief Executive Officer and Vice Chairman of Minnesota Mutual Life Insurance Company, (Formerly) President of US West Communications-Markets, (Formerly) Chief Executive Officer and President of Northwestern Bell Telephone Company

This is a great book! It is one you will enjoy reading and keep as a reference to look at when problems and challenges occur as you are developing your technology and your business. Unlike other books, its focus is on how your technology fits into the overall technology development.”

--Jere Glover, Attorney at Brand Law Group, Managing Director Homeland Venture Partners, LP (a $100 million private equity firm), Executive Director of the Small Business Technology Council (SBTC), (Formerly) Chief Counsel for Advocacy from 1994-2001 at SBA (Small Business Administration), (Formerly) CEO/Principal of a Biotech Company and a Medical Technology Company

Dr. Thurber’s surfing metaphor is a very apt one for today’s Information Age economy. There are more honors students in India than total students in the USA and there are more honors students in China than students in India, but we are only 27th world-wide in educational performance.  So, where does our future lie? Dr. Thurber’s philosophy for dealing with rapid technology change is not just the hope for maintaining our economy and our way of life, it is the only hope.”

--Peter C. Patton, Ph.D., Professor of Engineering and Philosophy, Oklahoma Christian University, (Formerly) Chief Technology Officer Lawson Software

This treatise of unconventional and necessary wisdom comes from an exceptional engineer who speaks from his 40 plus years of success in the high tech world of computers. Well written with a dash of humor and unbridled optimism, Big Wave Surfing is a must read for anyone who is concerned about the economic future of our country.”

-- Earl F. Griffith, President, Griffith Environmental Consulting, Inc.

A fascinating and thought provoking analogy of big waves and the technology innovation ecosystem.  Every technology entrepreneur must know where they are on the wave and then paddle like hell!”

Pat Dillon, (Formerly) Executive Director Minnesota Project Innovation

For all of us who experienced the .com “.bomb” Hi-Tech Implosion, I wonder if the “.bomb” would have been as loud if Ken’s book had been out back then.”

--Norm Williams, Technology Staffing Recruiter & Consultant

In a conversational manner, Ken is able to impart to the reader a lifetime of experience. Whether you dream to create the next must have technology, or could gain from insights in transitioning that idea to a successful business or, like me, are looking to surf that next big wave as an investor, there is something in “Big Wave Surfing” for you.”

--Stephen Gierl, CFP, Gierl Augustine Investment Management, Inc.

Ken takes you on the ride of your life and teaches you how to become a successful big wave surfer.  He shares his stories on how to recognize disruptions, payoffs and tradeoffs and that every wave will be different depending on the structure and timing of the marketplace.  He makes you laugh as he leads you to think strategically.”

-- Betsy Lulfs, Executive Director, Minnesota Science and Technology Authority

Surfing is the metaphor, but Ken Thurber’s book proves to be an adept insider’s discussion of entrepreneurial risk-taking at the interface of American commerce and technology. His approach to the subject provides a clear, unique perspective. Definitely not your dry economics tome, this well-crafted book is both revealing and entertaining from cover to cover.”

-- Roger Thorvilson, Membership Coordinator MT Chapter-National Association of Social Worker, (Formerly) Division Administrator, MT Department of Environmental Quality

 Big Wave Surfing is definitely a prerequisite before you paddle like crazy to make your next wave. Creating, riding and capitalizing on the big wave can be a daunting adventure, but Ken’s insightful approach may just be what it takes to get you out of the beach chair and enjoy the ride of your life. Keep Surfing.”

--Jeff Martin, CEO, Carollo Systems, LLC

 Readable! Unique! Practical! I am able to read the book in convenient bits and pieces that fit into my time constrained hectic lifestyle. Ken puts the reader on the face of a technology big wave and insures that they are able to ride the wave by providing insightful and easily understood examples. A must read for everyone interested in the future of our economy and wanting to better understand the dynamics of the technology industry. I wish everyone big waves and long rides!

Luana Metil, author of the best selling book The Story of Karate: From Buddhism to Bruce Lee

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Order from your favorite online store:

Ken will donate $1 of every sale on Tuesday 29 march 2011, to disaster relief for Japan.


Kenneth J. Thurber, noted computer architect, has written or led nearly 500 technical proposals (winning over 200) leading to over $2.5 billion dollars in research, development, and product derived work, has consulted on the purchase by end users and/or product introduction by manufacturers of over $10 billion dollars worth of equipment and was the system architect for the specification of the Local Area Network and distributed processor concepts that resulted in the deployment of a real time system worth over $7 billion dollars.  He developed the concepts of technology big wave surfing as a metaphor for ways to capitalize on the disruption that technology brings to the product marketplace.